The project Pink As Gold ( Cosmetics ) was started in 2018 by Mitchelle Cobb   This young entrepreneur, apart from her personal role as a mother she also had a vision of someday having her own makeup line with a credit card and a vision she launched what PAG COSMETICS is today. At the end of 2019, Pink As Gold Cosmetics began to give more to talk about when influencers such as Hennessy Carolina ( Cardi B's sister ),  used the products for the Met Gala, thanks to her makeup artist “ Mariposa Makeup ” ,  The same was done by Santa de Martínez,  influencer and wife of renowned Bachatero Elvis Martinez, Vitaly Sanchez from " Boca De Piano " as proof of the projection that the brand has achieved the face Mitchelle Cobb was seen on the famous screens of Times Square.


Pink as gold cosmetics Has collaborated with some of the top influencers in the industry such as Vitaly Sanchez (  Alofoke personality ) ,  Sary Corniel Quezada ( Telemicro ), Ismaleth Qintanilla ( Tv Todo Incluido ) , Katerine Amesty ( Tv Personality Pegate y Gana Con EL Pacha ) , Ashley Diaz ( Panamenian Model ) Amara la negra ( Tv Personality ) , Rosaly Rubio ( Singer , Fashion Designer & Makeup Artist ) , Roberto Roque ( Makeup Artist ) Roberto Martinez ( Makeup Artist ) Ana Maria Abad ( Makeup Artist ) , Ambiorix Caba  ( Makeup Artist ) , Ismael Burgos ( Makeup Artist ) Alfredo Cabrera ( Makeup Artist ) , Jesica Pereirag ( TV Personality De Extremo a Extremo & Radio Host ) Roselyn Keo ( Influencer movie the hustler based on her life story ) Mariposa Makeup ( Celebrity Makeup) , Pamela Suarez ( Television Host Pegate Y Gana Con El Pacha ) Isi Gabriela ( Youtuber & Makeup artist ) Maria Belen ( Talento Enamorados Unimas ), Catherine Estefania ( Blogger & Content Creator ) among other talented creators, makeup artist and some of the biggest television stars  around the world.